Athlete of the Month: Cole Miller


Cole scoring as usual.

Mitchell Rowles, Editor

This month I got to catch up with Clearfield’s star basketball player Cole Miller to ask him some questions and get an update on the boys’ basketball team season. Here’s what he had to say.

When asked, “What makes a person a good team captain?” Miller responded, “A good team captain is someone who is not only able to make themselves better, but someone who can make everyone around them the best they can be. A good team captain holds themselves to a high standard for not only their benefit, but for the success of the team.” Miller believes that being an athlete has taught him important life habits like, “time management, working hard, and discipline. It has also contributed to my social skills and approaching people in leadership position.”

One thing that he likes to do before and after a good performance to calm his butterflies would be to, “thank God for blessing me with an opportunity to play basketball. I feel that if I put my worries in God’s hands, I have nothing to fear because His plan is bigger than mine.” Miller enjoys eating a big bowl of pasta with chicken to fuel up for a big game the night before. His favorite place to play would have to be none other than our Bison Gymnasium at Clearfield High School. When Cole started playing basketball in second grade, one athlete, he always looked up to was Michael Jordan. He claims, “I always remember watching Michael Jordan mixtapes, and dreaming that one day I’ll be able to play like him.” According to him one word that would describe himself would be “perfectionist.” Miller states, “I always strive to be the best I can be, but I’ve noticed this can be good and bad. I am very hard on myself, but I believe this attitude allows me to be successful.” Cole gives up quite a bit to do what he loves, and he believes that, “time is the biggest thing. There’re times when I can’t hang out with my friends because of my responsibilities as an athlete. I do enjoy sports though, so I don’t mind.” Growing up, Cole was heavily influenced by his father to be the best version of himself that he could be. Cole stated, “My favorite coach has to be my dad, he has invested so much time in me, and he has taught me so much as a man.”

Ending this interview, we hope that you can make it to the seasons games to support our Bison boys’ basketball team in the coming future. Go Bison!