Top Moments in Clearfield Sports of 2022


Kira Knox

The year of 2022 was filled with many accomplishments for the Clearfield Area Junior Senior High School sports teams. A lot of records were set within teams and individually for some student athletes. These teams and their coaches put in a great deal of practice and games this year, which shows in the accomplishments that were made in the majority of the sports with them progressing further into their seasons than in the past. A few of the top moments for sports in 2022 were winning State Championships for softball, State Playoffs for girls soccer, boys basketball, and football.

The year started off with the boys basketball team having an exceptional season. They advanced from the regular season to Districts, which they won. The team advanced further into the state playoffs where they played Obama Academy at home. The intense, extremely well-played game led to the end of their season. There was no need for upset players, for they worked hard and got the amazing opportunity to make it to the State Playoffs.

Just a few short months later, the in-season softball season ended, but the game of softball continued for the Clearfield High School team. They continued to advance to the next levels starting with District playoffs, winning Districts, then going to State Playoffs. They persevered in their season, making it to the State Finals, and they won. This is such an amazing accomplishment for not just the Clearfield softball team, but for all of Clearfield and its sports, putting its name on the map, giving the school the recognition it deserves.

The year finished with the girls soccer team making it further into State Playoffs than before. After winning Districts by an extreme number of goals, they went on to State Playoffs and were given the opportunity to play at home. They made history by winning this game and moving on in the playoffs while also never losing a home game that entire season. Their season came to an end after that, but all was well since they had such a great season. Overall, Clearfield High School sports really excelled in 2022, and they have a lot to be proud of in themselves and their teammates.