Crumbl Cookie Review


Arika Jones, Staff Writer

If you are unaware, Crumbl Cookie is a newly popular cookie shop that recently opened a location in State College. They change what cookies they serve every week. This weekly change of cookie flavors makes the experience fun, and they are always tasty!

The week of January 29th– February 4th had blueberry muffin, chocolate cookies and cream, churro, and key lime pie as the flavors. They also always offer the basic milk chocolate chip and classic pink sugar for guests to order if they wish to do so.

To begin, I tried the blueberry muffin cookie first. It had blueberries mixed into the dough and crumbles on top. It tasted exactly like a blueberry muffin and was especially good when it was warm. If you enjoy eating blueberry muffins, you will definitely enjoy this cookie. The chocolate cookies and cream cookie was a chocolate cookie with Oreo chunks mixed it. This cookie had a strong chocolate taste and was overpowering to me after just a few bites, but I still think it was delicious. The churro cookie was a cinnamon sugar cookie with a cinnamon sugar icing. It was a little messy to eat with all the icing but overall was an extremely tasty cookie. Finally, the last cookie was key lime pie flavored. It resembled a mini key lime pie, and even had a small lime on the top of it. This one was my favorite because it tasted just like a key lime pie and that is one of my favorite desserts.

All the cookies that have been created all have good ratings and have been enjoyed by hundreds, so if you ever find yourself in State College craving some delightful cookies, make sure to stop in at Crumbl Cookies located at 19 Colonnade Way Suite 109!