Athlete of the Month: Evan Davis


Evan taking control early in the match.

Mitchell Rowles, Editor

This past week I got to catch up with Senior veteran wrestler Evan Davis about the current wrestling season and his mindset as a student athlete. Here’s what he had to say:

When asked, “what makes a person a good leader?” Davis responded, “Being a leader is setting an example for younger kids and having a good attitude.” Davis states that being an athlete makes you a better person by learning discipline and creating mental strength that you can carry over into real world situations. After a good win he always thanks God for blessing him with the opportunities he’s had and for making him the athlete he is today. To help him calm his butterflies before a match, he claims, “I clear my mind and tell myself the work I have put in makes me deserve to win, so I trust myself and my support.” Davis has been wrestling since age five and his favorite place to wrestle is the home Bison Gym. From a young age, Davis thought of Penn State wrestling to be inspirational and motivational. To play the sport he loves, Davis has learned that he has to stay away from the wrong crowd and make the right decisions. He states, “This sport has put me in a good spot on and off the mat.” Evan states that his favorite coach would have to be Varsity coach Jeff Aveni. He claims, “Jeff has been in my corner my whole life and pushes me in a way that no other coach has, and it has led me to my success.”

Davis’s record is currently 22-8 this season, but one thing that Davis is really looking forward to is his milestone 100th win. As you can see, the notable star wrestler Evan Davis has been putting a lot of hard work into his craft.