Explaining Bocce and Clearfield’s Upcoming Districts Match


Arika Jones, Staff Writer

Bocce takes place with two teams of two players each. Each player has two large balls that are called bocce balls. There is a smaller ball on the court that is called the pallino, which is the target. The team going first throws the pallino and wherever it comes to a complete stop is now the target. The team that threw the pallino throws the first bocce, and all player must stand behind a line to make their throws. Teams and players alternate throws until all eight bocce balls have been thrown. Players try to make their team’s ball closest to the pallino.

The team with the closest bocce to the pallino is the only team that scores any points. The team that is closest gets a number of points equal to how many of their bocce are closer to the pallino than the other team’s nearest bocce. If the player’s bocce touches the pallino, it is called a baci and the team earns two points for that ball. The game lasts until a predetermined point value, which is usually 9, 11, 12, or 15. Any disputes can be resolved by using a tape measure to check the distance from the pallino.

The Clearfield Bison Bocce Team is the only undefeated team so far thus school year, with a record of 4-0. They are playing in the district championships on Thursday, March 2nd. They play against Bald Eagle and Bellefonte, but there is a total of five teams since each school has two teams each, except for Clearfield. Junior Cody Taylor has mentioned that the Bocce team is very excited, and they have been talking about a lot of strategy going into this important match.