Signs of Good Luck


Kira Knox, Staff Writer

Signs of Good Luck

Did you know there are signs of good luck all around us? They are everywhere, from animals, to plants, to objects. Some may only think of gold coins, four-leaf clovers, or crossing your fingers, but there are many other symbols that represent luck.

To begin, one of the signs of good luck are horseshoes. This good luck symbol comes from Western Europeans, and originally made from iron. This metal was thought to diminish evil. People would then start using horseshoes as decorations in their homes.

From the view of farmers, ladybugs are symbols of good luck. They eat aphids, which are pests that eat the plants, so farmers feel that they are lucky when they see ladybugs. Because of this, today people believe that if a ladybug lands on you, good luck will come your way.

To continue, the evil eye is also a sign of good luck. The name may make you think otherwise, but it actually protects you from those who are wishing negative things on you. The evil eye is one of the most powerful good luck charms out there. This symbol can come in different colors that protect you from different negative qualities. The evil eye symbol goes back all the way to ancient Mesopotamia.

In conclusion, good luck symbols are all around. From the classic gold coins, four-leaf clovers, and crossing your fingers to horseshoes, ladybugs, and evil eyes, they all represent good luck in different ways. Whether it is a piece of jewelry or a decoration for a house, they are all used to express wishes for success. As we enter March, keep an eye out for these signs. They might just bring good luck to your year!