Grubbin’ With Grace: Homemade Shamrock Shake


Grace Natoli, Staff Writer

The seasonal cult favorite, the shamrock shake, is back on the McDonald’s menu. I used to get shamrock shakes all the time with my mother and when I was picking a topic for my article I thought what better to do my March article on than one of my favorite treats! However, that seemed kind of boring so I decided to try my hand at making a homemade shamrock shake because there is no way I could mess it up.

I found a super simple recipe on Pinterest and got on my way to Walmart. All you need is vanilla ice cream, mint extract (not peppermint, there is a difference), green food coloring if you want it to look like the original although you can use any color you want, and heavy whipping cream, or whole milk. How thick you want your shake to be would determine if you want to use the milk or the cream for a thicker shake.

Overall, I would rate the shake 10/10 as well as the experience of making it myself. The one I made is purple because I in fact did not have any green food coloring in my house, but I think it just gave it more personality. I know that it is a very simple thing to make but I was pleasantly surprised by how similar it tasted to the real thing.

This edition of Grubbin’ With Grace is brought to you by the chore money I earned from cleaning someone’s yard that funded my Walmart trip; thank you Mrs. Brickley.