Seniors and Their Futures!


Rylee Charles, Staff Writer

Are you curious what some of this years graduating class will be pursuing after high school? I asked a few seniors what college they would be attending, what they will be majoring in, and why they chose that path.



Riley Ryen is going to Slippery Rock for Exercise Science. She is majoring in this to become a Physician’s Assistant, and to hopefully work in a hospital once she has her degree.





Morgen Billotte is going to Seton Hill University for Business Management. He picked Business Management as his major because he plans on becoming an entrepreneur and the owner of a company in his future.



Emma Quick is going to Pitt and will be majoring in Psychology. She chose this major to be able to help people some day!



Cole Miller is going to Slippery Rock and majoring in Exercise Science. He chose this major because he wants to help people.



Abby Ryan is going to Penn State and majoring in Business. She chose this because it’s such a broad major, and will be easy to use in her future.




McKenna Lanager is going to Penn West Clarion University. She is majoring in Nursing because she enjoys helping people and being a light of hope for them.





Good luck to all the seniors after graduation!