Meet the Young Star of “Oliver! the Musical”


Left: Collin Forcey, Right: Liam Webster -photo credited to Cassandra Baumgardner

Jaycee M. Wood, Staff Writer

Can you imagine going from rags to riches? Oliver Twist did just that in CAST’s performance of Oliver! The Musical. The shows took place on March 16-18 and 23-25 in the CAST building. After being sold to a mortician, young orphan Oliver Twist runs away and meets a group of boys trained to be pickpockets by an elderly mentor in 1830s London. On the dates listed above, the Clearfield community was able to join Oliver Twist as he struggled to find his identity and rise above the degrading conditions of the lower class. A 6th grader, Collin Forcey, was given the opportunity of bringing the character of Oliver Twist to life.

Active members of CAST may remember Collin Forcey playing the role of Young Simba in the 2019 production of Lion King Jr. He played this role when he was just seven years old. Collin shared that his role in Lion King Jr. is his favorite role he has played because it was his first experience with CAST. He notes how exciting the role was and how he grew a deep connection with the cast of that show. When asked if he believes he has improved on stage since then, Collin responded, “Yes, I think my acting and singing has improved in my projection, range, as well as showing my emotions in my acting better than before.” Collin Forcey has already proven himself as a moving presence on the stage, and he has much more to show for himself in future productions.

Although he has rare, natural talent, he still has his struggles on the stage. In response to being asked what his biggest obstacle he faced during the production of Oliver!, Collin said, “My biggest obstacle would be whenever I was singing  ‘Where is Love’ because of how high I had to sing and having to use my face to display my emotions on stage.” No matter how young, old, or experienced, actors all face the same problems in their theatrical careers.

Collin has many people to look up to whom he has performed alongside, but one actor that inspires him most is Ryan Reynolds. He looks up to Ryan Reynolds because he has amazing humor, and his acting seems very natural. In terms of the versatile characters in Oliver!, Collin shares his favorite character from the show when he expresses, “My favorite character in Oliver! would be Dodger because of how energetic the character is and how he showed Oliver how to be a part of Fagin’s group and survive the city. He was kind of like a big brother to the character.” All of the characters in the show were inspiring or intriguing to some extent, so Oliver! the Musical is a lovable musical for all ages.

This show is very versatile in the way that all ages are showcased. Young kids, teens, and adults get to have their own spotlight. When asked whether Collin prefers shows for all ages or junior shows, he stated, “I would have to choose shows that include children, teens, and adults over children shows because the older shows are more serious and help create better shows. Working with younger kids can get crazy and can get annoying from time to time. Plus, I can learn from the older adults when working with them.” It is important for young kids like Collin to receive recognition in more well-known shows that all ages will enjoy. Thanks to Oliver! the Musical, families in and around Clearfield were able to enjoy a night of amazing talent, humor, edge-of-your-seat anticipation, and heartwarming lessons.