Adios Señora


Gavin Lukens, Staff Writer

As many people know, the Spanish II, III, and IV teacher, Senora Wittie is pursuing a job opportunity outside of the school district. She taught at CAJSHS for a majority of eight years. In this time, she taught many students and touched a lot of lives. For this month’s article, I’ve decided to interview her and ask a few questions to reflect on her time at CHS. The first question I asked was, “What will you miss most about CHS?” She replied, “I will miss the people the most at CHS. I have really enjoyed getting to know everybody here”. The next question is “What are you most excited about for your new job?” She answered with, “For my new job, I am the most excited about being able to teach a younger group of students so I can expose them to the Spanish language and culture earlier in their lives.” She also plans on using a lot of interactive teaching with a heavy approach on verbal output so these students go through the courses, speaking more Spanish .

I asked what her favorite memory is of CHS, and she said, “It’s hard to pin it down to one favorite memory of CHS, so I won’t do that, but I will say that I will enjoy looking back and thinking about the times that kids surprised me with their language abilities and with students being excited to be in my class. There’s nothing better than having people want to be in your classes because you have created a welcoming environment.”  She had an impact on many student’s lives and we wish her well.