How Caitlin Clark’s Magical Run Revolutionized Women’s Basketball


Braylon Obleman, Staff Writer

Caitlin Clark led Iowa to the national championship. The team was not able to pull out the victory despite a 30-point effort from Clark. Catlin Clark’s effect will be much deeper than her team success. The performance of Clark throughout the tournament turned many heads to the NCAAW, and could prove to turn many people to women’s basketball as a whole.

Clark brought excitement every time she was on the court, torching multiple opponents for 40-point triple doubles, unheard of in March Madness from men or women. Caitlin Clark’s ability to shoot from anywhere on the court was on full display. She turned the head of many famous athletes including Lebron James and Steph Curry. It is undeniable Clark was the most well-known player in the tournament, but she took it to a new level by delivering historic performances.

The show Clark put on could be a huge step for woman’s basketball. Not to say the action was not already interesting, but Clark had what seemed to be everyone watching women’s basketball, exactly what the sport needs. Catlin Clark did not only entertain with her ability to stretch the floor in a way many NBA players could not replicate, but also put on a show trash-talking her opponents, along with her signature “you can’t see me” celebration. Despite the loss to LSU in the final, Catlin Clark had millions and millions of people watching women’s basketball.