Seniors Plans for the Summer


Gavin Lukens

With summer being right around the corner, many seniors are excited to be starting a new chapter of their lives.

Karlee Luzier- “I plan on going on vacation, spending time with my friends, and getting prepared for college.”

Riley Ryen- “I have two beach vacations planned. I plan on spending time with friends before they leave for college. Also, working to save up money.”

Abby Ryan- I plan on going to the beach and going to many different adventures. I also plan on working during the summer to help pay for college.”

Abby Flanagan- “My family has a couple of trips planned for us. First, we are going to see my grandparents in Mississippi. Then, we are going to New Orleans followed by a few weeks in Destin Florida.”

Ava Lynch- “I have plans to see Taylor Swift and Zach Bryan in concert. I also want to spend time with my friends before I go to college. I plan on working this summer to save money.”

Braedon Firanski- “I plan on using the summer to spend time with my friends before I leave for college in the fall. I also plan on spending time outside engaging in physical activity like trail hiking and doing outdoor workouts.”

Mckenna Lanager- “I plan to go on two beach trips and spend time kayaking with my friends. I also plan to go shopping to get everything I need for college. Another thing I want to do this summer is spend time with my friends before I leave.”

Gavin Rigdon- “I will be spending most of my summer in Advanced Individual Training in the Army National Guard. We will be working on infantry in Fort Benning, Georgia.”

Mason Marshall- “This summer I will be working at Kurtz Bros and taking a vacation to Georgia. I will also be participating on a band trip.”

Conner McCracken- “This summer I plan on taking a trip to Cabo, Mexico with my mom.  I also will be spending a lot of time doing summer workouts for football.”

We hope that they get to accomplish these things before they enter adulthood.