Characters of Clearfield: Mr. Billotte Shares His Story

Social studies teacher Mr. Billotte

Justin Maines

Social studies teacher Mr. Billotte

Rylee Ogden, Staff Writer

Mr. Billotte has been a famous figure at the Clearfield Area Jr./Sr. High School. Students describe his class as hectic, unpredictable, fun, and informative. He will certainly be missed in the Clearfield High School community. Mr. Billotte explains what he will miss most: “Students, faculty, and the general atmosphere of working in an environment where it was hard not to enjoy each day. Even on those challenging days with students, or issues that arose from time to time, I learned each day I was a teacher. I will miss my students, ALL OF THEM!”

On the opposite end of things, he explained that he will not miss the snow day aspects of school. However, that is about it. He states, “I have been blessed to have been doing exactly what I have wanted to do.” He loves his job. His favorite part is coming to work. “Each day was a new and different day from the last and being able to interact with students made teaching a most rewarding experience.”

The career can be thankless for some; however, he describes it as one of his biggest accomplishments in life, along with earing his Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction and serving in the U.S Army. He states, “All those experiences I feel blessed to have accomplished.”

His biggest takeaway from his time at Clearfield Area Jr. Sr. High School is, “the changes that have occurred through the years. Everything from the students, to sports, to our music program, our students involved in plays/musicals, faculty changes etc. Those changes have been for the most part very beneficial in so many ways. Our student body has been a shining light for us for sure!”

A question that may linger over some people’s head might be, if you could do it all again would you? When Mr. Billotte was asked this question he responded, “I would not change a thing. I knew when I had my first student teaching experience that it was exactly what I wanted to do. That never changed the entire time I was a teacher at Clearfield High School. It was an honor for me to be hired here as I graduated from here, and I am so glad this is how it all worked out.”

What kept him motivated throughout his whole career was his students: “To get the opportunity to interact daily with students and to guide them on both of our journeys is a very powerful motivator. All it took for me during my career was to get up and get to work daily. There’s not a better place to work for me.” As he wraps up his career, he plans to enjoy it by traveling, working on his house, and volunteering at the Veterans of Foreign War and The American Legion.

Mr. Billotte wanted to leave readers with a wise thought: “Teachers are teachers for more than what meets the eye. I know it does not apply to every teacher, but certainly for most. They love being a teacher. Whether it’s the good, the bad, or the indifferent. Teaching is a calling for sure. I heard my calling, and it has rewarded me beyond anything materialistic I have attained. Teachers think a lot about their students. The bonds we form will never leave our minds. We learn and gain as much from you as you do in the classroom.”