Things To Do in Clearfield This Summer

Things To Do in Clearfield This Summer

Nick Vaow, Staff Writer

What are you doing this summer? If your response is, “I don’t know”, or, “Probably nothing”, then I have made a list of some of the best things to do in Clearfield during the summer. Because who wants to do nothing all summer anyway?

To begin, I think one of the best and unique features that our town has is the Susquehanna River. Being that it runs straight through town, it makes it a fun and easy way to enjoy the hot days of summer. You can go kayaking or tubing with your friends, take a dip in the water, go fishing, and even just admire its beauty as it meanders through the town and beyond. Whatever it may be, if you are bored one day, I would suggest involving the river in your plans for a fun and easy adventure.

To continue, another great feature that our town has is the Rails to Trails. This gravel path runs through the town of Clearfield and continues past Curwensville. The trail makes a good environment for being involved with nature and being physically fit. You can run, hike, bike, and travel however you may want to in order to spend your time in the sun.

If none of that is of interest to you, maybe your thing might be to get a summer job. For me, working a summer job, being a lifeguard at the Clearfield Community Pool (which also is a great place to be in the summer) is a way for me to spend my time and make money doing so. There are plenty of opportunities for a job in Clearfield. Whether it be doing something outdoors, or working at a restaurant, having a job is a great way to spend your time and make some money.

With all these opportunities, I think the best thing to do in the summer is to stay busy. Summer is one of the most enjoyable times of the year and you certainly don’t want to spend it sitting inside and doing nothing all day.

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