Madi Evans Cheers at The Super Bowl of High Schools


Madi Evans at try-outs.

Nadia Libreatori, Staff Writer


The Big 33 game features the top players of Pennsylvania vs. Maryland’s finest 33 players in an All-Star football game. Many football players and cheerleaders have even been recruited for Division One college football teams! The Big 33 game has been considered one of the finest scholastic All-Star football games in the United States, and they take great pride in the fact that there has never been a Super Bowl game without at least one Big 33 Alumni.

Highschoolers throughout Pennsylvania that participate in either football or cheerleading can try out to be part of the game. Try-outs are intensive and practices are demanding. The game helps build players and cheerleaders a successful career at the All-Star level, so the staff treat you as such. Our very own Clearfield Bison cheerleader, Madi Evans, took on this challenge. Madi tried out for the Pennsylvania cheer team wearing her Bison uniform and made the team! Throughout May, Madi has been traveling to Harrisburg in preparation for The Big 33 game on May 28th at Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg.

Madi Evans answered the following questions about her experience thus far:

Q: How difficult was the selection process?

Madi Evans: “The selection process was definitely difficult. I was chosen as 1 out of 70 girls to be on the team of 30.”

Q: How hard were the tryouts?

Madi Evans: “The tryouts were slightly hard. I had to learn a few new skills and dances. Each dance/skill let the judges know if I was capable of being on the team.”

Q: How did you feel once you were selected?

Madi Evans: “After being chosen, I felt great! No one from CHS has been chosen to cheer so it is exciting to give our school the opportunity to have our name out there.”

Q: What are you most excited for?

Madi Evans: “I am most excited for the game!”

Q: How have practices been so far?

Madi Evans: “I have practice in Harrisburg each weekend to prepare for the game. Each weekend we are learning something completely new and different, so practices so far have definitely been different than what I am used to.”

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Madi Evans: “I feel as if everyone is at my skill level, so it is extremely easy to learn and get things done. I am excited to cheer and represent our school!”