Clearfield Wraps Up Spring Sports


Paige Houser, Ruby Singleton, Alaina Fedder and Anna Twigg

Jacob Samsel, Staff Writer

The Clearfield Bison has multiple teams in the spring, including baseball, track, softball, and tennis. With all of the events being packed into the last couple months, each team is finishing off strong as the season, for these sports, comes to an end.

Clearfield’s baseball team started the year out slow having a 2(win) and 6(loss) record in mid-April. They only have one senior and very little depth for pitching. This led the team to have many young players fill spots that may not have been ready for Varsity baseball. It cost the Bison errors that turned into runs scored for the opponent, which resulted in them losing. As the season got closer to the end, Clearfield started to play better as a team, was able to minimize their mistakes on the field, and got the bats going a little more. But the competition was still difficult. Coming to an end, the boys were still struggling to put runs on the scoreboard and are now 3 and 10 with seven games left.

Like baseball, track has multiple meets in one week, so an athlete can improve a tremendous amount by the end of the season. There have been a few meets, called invitationals, That are bigger than regular ones. Around 15 or more teams go, from all around, and compete against each other. Being able to compete in meets as big as those helps the team out tremendously. Several kids from Clearfield made it to Districts and even two kids got to advance to state championships.

The ladies’ softball team has had some struggles compared to last year when they had their top seniors. As of April 26th, they were 3 and 6, but with many games left to go, the girls still had time to turn things around and find a rhythm… Which they did, only a week later. With three more games played on their schedule, they bumped their record up to 5 and 7, also with seven games to go. Beating Rockwood 17-0 may be enough to give the girls a little more potential for the rest of the season.

The boys’ tennis team appears to be putting up good matches against their opponents this year. With a very small roster, everyone is able to participate in each match. The team has struggled to come out with wins but are able to keep up with their best competition. Having very few matches left, hopefully they can pull away with a couple more wins. The girls finished their season in the fall and did well. As of May 2, the boys are 4 and 8 with some matches left to go