Prom 2023 was a Successful Starry Night in Paris


King Tristen Sidorick and Queen Amira Saadawi at the dance

Arika Jones, Staff Writer

May 6th was a sunny and warm day, which helped make prom 2023 a success. Students and parents gathered at the high school around 6:30 for promenade, where the prom court was announced, and everyone walked across the stage while their names were called. After this, students headed to Copper Cork for the dance itself.

Girls were immediately taking their shoes off after a long day of walking in them to get ready to dance, and the boys were taking their jackets off because the heat was overpowering. There was a chocolate fountain and many different small appetizers for students to snack on. The refreshments were kept cold and full by the staff working there, which was nice when taking a break from the hot dance floor.

In addition, there was a photo booth where everyone could pose with their friends or date. They even had props that you could take into the picture with you. Anyone could request songs for the DJ to play if they wanted to hear a specific song during the night.

Around 8:30 the prom King and Queen were announced. Tristen Sidorick is the 2023 prom King and Amira Saadawi is the Queen. Students gathered in a circle around them and watched the king and queen have their dance together. Around 9:00 o’clock students started lining up at the door with excitement to exit the hot building. At 9:15 everyone was allowed to leave after signing out and getting their souvenir for the night. Students then headed to wherever their after-prom plans were to have a good rest of the night. Overall, prom 2023 “A Starry Night in Paris” was a success.