Grubbin’ With Grace: Pasta Salad Edition


Grace Natoli

For this month I decided to choose one of my favorite foods to cook up. Not only was it easy, but it was incredibly delicious. Pasta salad is one thing I can never say no to, especially when it’s my grandma’s recipe.

She uses bowtie noodles, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, cheddar cheese, Colby jack cheese, pepperoni, and her homemade Italian dressing, although you can use any kind you prefer. Her biggest tip for me was to make the noodles a little undercooked and let them sit in the dressing to soak it up overnight. The prep work was very easy because all you have to do is cube your cheese and make sure your veggies are washed off before cutting them. Obviously, you don’t need to add all those ingredients into pasta salad you make, but the more the merrier. All of the flavors mix so well together when they are put into the dressing and sit overnight. The only trouble I ran into while making the pasta salad was that I got bored while cutting my cheese up. Everything else was easy enough that I could do it myself without needing an assistant chef.

I have to give this dish an 11/10, great flavor and presentation. It was easy to prepare, and it can be dumbed down to just noodles and cheese and still taste just as good. I enjoyed this recipe the most out of everything I have made all year. I hope everyone makes some good pasta salad or that you at least have someone make it for you.