Clearfield Students Enter an Art Show


Artwork done by Marissa Miller.

Renee Barr, Staff Writer

Clearfield County is hosting an art show for high school students. This event is sponsored by the Susquehanna River Art Center and will be occurring through May 17th to May 23rd, 2023. The show is taking place at the Joseph and Elizabeth Shaw Public Library. The days to enter a project ranged from May 10th to the 11th at specific times.

Students can enter up to two projects, either 2-D or 3-D. Paintings that are entered all need to be mounted for hanging; they can be hung by matting the artwork and putting tabs at the top of the piece. If the art is framed, it must be wired so that it can hang. 3-D projects such as ceramics, jewelry, or wood items will be displayed on a table. Pieces that are wet, fragile, or not mounted properly would not be accepted into the show.

The winners will be awarded cash prizes in two separate divisions. The different divisions consist of 2-D and 3-D art. Everyone that entered the contest must be a high school student. The art should be handled with care and a form should be signed for loss or damage of an item when a piece enters the contest.

This show also offered an opportunity for art to be sold to the public. All the winners who receive prizes will be determined on May17th and sent to all art teachers. The show will be open the hours of the library. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10am to 5pm. Tuesday and Thursday 10 am to 9 pm and Friday 12-5pm.

Many Clearfield students including myself, Rylee Charles, Olivia Rowles, Adelyn Ruiz, Marissa Miller, Chloe Sarver, Alazay Clark, Mason Marshall, and Ava Lynch entered the show. Stop by and see all the amazing artwork!