Clearfield Drama Club’s Mamma Mia


Brooke Wright, Staff Writer

Clearfield’s Drama Club presented “Mamma Mia” as their last production of the 2022-2023 school year this April. The play follows a young bride-to-be who is unsure of who her father is. The young girl wants nothing more than her father to walk her down the aisle the day of her wedding. She then decides to invite three men from her mother’s past to her wedding hoping to find her dad.

All of the students in Clearfield’s Drama Club put tremendous amounts of time into practicing the roles of the characters and singing the musical pieces throughout it. Each and every student did an amazing job taking on the roles of these characters. Senior Nicolette Maines had taken on the role of the main character, Sophie, but had a setback the night before the musical while at rehearsal. Although she had taken “break a leg” seriously, Nicolette pushed through to make sure their fans were still able to enjoy the show.

Seniors’ roles:

Sarah Catherman- Lighting

Madi Evans- Ensemble

Sage Hoppe- Donna

Farhan Mahmed- Father Alexandrios

Nicolette Maines- Sophie

Mason Marshall- Bill

Peyton Reese- Rosie

Mitchell Rowles- Sky

Beth Struble- Sound

Jaycee Wood- Tonya

I enjoyed the play and many parts throughout it, but there were a couple parts that stuck out to me. The musical talent shared throughout the show was excellent, and I would have to say it was also my favorite part. The songs “Honey Honey” and “Dancing Queen” stood out to me the most. Both of these songs were sung beautifully, which gave me chills.


Picture Source:  “Clearfield High School Drama Club to Present ‘Mamma Mia!’” The Courier Express, 10 Apr. 2023, Accessed 18 May 2023.