2023 Senior Field Trip


Emily McCracken, Staff Writer

The end of the school year is closer than it seems. Soon, many will be graduating and moving on to the next exciting chapter of their lives! For one last trip before graduation, the class of 2023 has the opportunity to travel to Washington DC and spend an entire day with their friends. Our senior class adviser, Mrs. Sallack, has much to say about what this trip has to offer for students.


Q: What will students be able to see/do on the trip?

A: This trip is for the seniors to experience the many monuments, museums, historical buildings, Arlington Cemetery and the Changing of the Guard Ceremony – which pays tribute to all of the servicemen and women that have died in the line of duty. Seniors have many choices when they visit DC depending on each student’s interests. The trip begins at 3 am, and we return to school late that same night.


Q: Why do you recommend that seniors dedicate the time to go?

A: We always encourage the senior class to participate in this field trip as it is the last time they will be able to spend quality time with their many peers, plus some students would never have the opportunity to go on this trip otherwise. This is a very valuable field trip as there is so much history that is enriched in Washington DC.


Q: How long have you been helping with the senior trip, and what is your favorite part about it?

A: I have been the senior class advisor for 10 years, and have participated in all of the Washington DC field trips. My favorite part of the trip is the trip. Everything- from the seniors first assembling at the school, to riding on the bus, hearing from the students throughout the day and when we commence coming home- they always say- I am so glad I came on this trip! That makes this trip worthwhile.


Whether you are graduating this 2023 school year or still have plenty of high school years left, the Washington DC trip is an experience for all to look forward to!