a black cat playing around.
a black cat playing around.

A black cat passes you. Do you get scared? Do you believe you are now cursed with bad luck? Black cats, walking under ladders, opening an umbrella in the house, and breaking a mirror are all examples of superstitions. Superstitions are things that people label as bad luck, or something that you shouldn’t do because misfortune will follow.

Superstitions are entirely opinion based and have no scientific evidence of being “bad luck.” Personally, I don’t believe in them, and I don’t believe in luck. However, everyone is subject to their own opinion and may believe what they want. This article will inform you about different superstitions, and how and why they came to be.

First, there are black cats. The superstition is that black cats themselves are bad luck. This superstition arose in Europe during the Middle Ages because black cats were everywhere and thought of as pests. Their black color and glowing eyes gave an evil impression. There are accounts of black cats being abandoned or hurt because of the superstition revolved around them. I believe this is nonsense, and that black cats should be just as loved as, if not more loved than, any other cat.

Secondly, a popular superstition is breaking mirrors: if you break a mirror, you are cursed with seven years of bad luck. It’s believed that this superstition arose from the Ancient Romans. They believed that mirrors are a reflection of the soul and breaking that reflection will damage the soul and invite misfortune. Whether this superstition is factual or not, it does prevent people from breaking mirrors, which can be seen as a positive.

Lastly, there is the superstition that if you open an umbrella indoors, then you will have bad luck. This superstition originates from ancient Egypt when umbrellas were associated with sun deities and their rituals. Opening umbrellas indoors then was seen as an insult to the gods, a misuse of this important spiritual symbol. It would make them angry enough to cast misfortune onto you.

You may believe or deny whatever you want, Just be aware. Next time you pass a black cat, think before you shoo it and run away; maybe you should pet it and show it the love that no one else gives.

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