Results of Math Con Competition

Results of Math Con Competition

Chuck Gardner, Staff Writer

Every year, the University of Illinois holds a Mathematics Competition across the nation selecting students with outstanding scores from every state to compete in round two in Chicago, Illinois.

Clearfield Math teacher Mrs. Bookhamer explained: “MathCon is a popular math competition for students in grades 5-12. MathCon reaches out to students every year with 2 related goals: To contribute to their academics by challenging and entertaining them with insight math problems and to promote high-quality math education.”

Out of this year’s 51,000 students who competed in round one from 42 different states, only 576 will be selected to compete in round two of the competition in Chicago. From the Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School, this year’s qualifier is Elliot Thorp in 11th grade. The Clearfield Elementary School also had a student qualify for round two: Cody Taylor in 6th grade.

Mrs. Bookhamer encourages all students to take the test because it is a great opportunity for students to see where they stand academically with other students around the nation, and possibly even have the honor of going to Chicago and competing in the second round.