Clearfield has 30 clubs for students


Are you interested in joining a school club? Visit the school website to learn more.

Lennon Miller, Staff Writer

Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School has a total of 30 clubs ranging from community service to physical activity clubs. There is a club for almost anything you can think of at Clearfield.

One club in particular the High School offers is Spanish Honor Society. Spanish Honor Society is advised by Señora Wittie and Señor Poleto. This club prides itself on community service, such as going to the Clearfield Elementary School and teaching students basic Spanish, according to Señora Wittie.

She went on further to state the requirements of joining this club: “Students are inducted into our clubs if they have a 90% or higher for all marking periods of Spanish 1 and semester 1 of Spanish 2. They have to maintain enrollment in a Spanish course-which means continuing on with the program to Spanish III Honors and Spanish IV AP. In addition, students overall GPA must remain at an 85% or higher.”

Spanish Honor Society Club is established through the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Ten years ago they applied through this association and adopted their standards for our inductees, Señora went on to say.

The club also has an annual fundraiser that is decided on based on the student body of the club, which helps to raise money for field trips and scholarships. Overall, Spanish Honor Society is an enjoyable club with amazing students, and it offers opportunities for students in Spanish Honor Society.

Another club that the high school offers is The Helping Hands Club. The advisor of this club is Mrs. Zimmerman. The club is a volunteer service club. Many of the service opportunities are inspired by needs in Clearfield Area School District and the community. The only requirement for this club is to participate in volunteer opportunities throughout the year, according to Mrs. Zimmerman.

Helping Hands does an annual fundraiser each year; sometimes they are for charities or people in need. Mrs. Zimmerman went on to explain how the club was established, “Originally, Helping Hands Club was affiliated with our local Red Cross, but when Red Cross moved, we just kept the name and started our own student-led club. I took over the club when I first started teaching at Clearfield in 2009.”

Mrs. Zimmerman also went on to say how beneficial clubs are for students because it gives a person a chance to get involved and gain new experiences. It’s also a great way to try something new and meet new people.

Some other clubs that the school hosts are Key Club and Student Council. Both of these clubs are advised by Mrs. Borden. Key Club gives the opportunity to students to participate in their community and become outgoing citizens, according to Mrs. Borden, while Student Council consist more of organizing events held at the high school such as: Homecoming, Guest Speakers, Dances, Talent Shows, and many more events.

To join Key Club, you must obtain at least 50 hours of community service throughout the school year. To take part in Student Council, students are required to complete an application and be endorsed by students and staff members.

Both clubs have one annual Fundraiser per year, which usually varies throughout the years. Mrs. Borden went into details how Key Club looks phenomenal on college applications, and how Student Council shows tremendous leadership qualities and the importance of the school’s community.

Mrs. Borden adds: “We are always looking for underclassmen to join our clubs. We have a large amount of junior and seniors involved but need some underclassmen involvement. If you are interested in join stop by room 320 during activity period for more information.”

Overall, Clearfield Area High School offers many clubs to the student body. There are many opportunities to participate in the school’s community and give back.

Are you interested in joining a club? Visit the school website to learn more.