Mindy Flemming voted homecoming queen

The homecoming queen and her court.

Madison Kipp, Staff Writer

To start off the Homecoming Night, Sept. 21, the football game was already going great, which enlightened the night. But as halftime came around the crowd became anxious. The student section was showing its pride for the cheerleaders and football players as they were stacking up points.

The Homecoming court began to come out to the field as their names were announced overhead. The Homecoming Court included seniors Brianna Shaw, Mindy Flemming, Riley Paul-Cook, Karly Rumsky, Alayna Ryan, Makeeli Redden, Chloe Brower, and Ally Hertlein. At a tie for third place on the podium were Alayna Ryan, escorted by Keagan Hess, and Makeeli Redden, escorted by Thad Butler. Second place on the podium was Ally Hertlein, escorted by Cody Shaw. The Homecoming Queen was Mindy Flemming, escorted by Dylan Thompson.

Alayna Ryan escorted by Keagan Hess.
Brianna Shaw escorted by Seth Mack.
Chloe Brower escorted by Jace Kephart.
Ally Hertlein escorted by Cody Shaw.
Karly Rumsky escorted by Elliott Thorpe.
Makeeli Redden escorted by Thad Butler.
Mindy Flemming escorted by Dylan Thompson.
Podium line-up for Homecoming queen.
Riley Paul-Cook escorted by Cameron Thomas.