The anti-hero Venom comes to earth,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg

Janessa Baez, Staff writer

In the beginning of the new movie Venom,  the bio-engineering corporation Life Foundation discovers a comet with four symbiotes, aliens who cannot survive without a human “host”.

The CEO of Life Foundation, Carlton Drake, takes the three of them back to their research facility and the other one escapes. Eddie Brock, the main character played by Tom Hardy, decides to go through his fiancés files and he discovers that Drake was doing human trials with the symbiotes. When he confronts Drake, he ends up losing his job and his fiancé.

With the help of a former worker of the foundation, Brock decides to go back to the facility to find proof, but one of the symbiotes ends up possessing his body while he’s there. Brock begins having strange symptoms like hearing a deep voice talking to him and eating a lot of weird things. He reaches out to his ex-fiancé for help and her new boyfriend, who is a doctor, believes he has a parasite.

When Drake figures out that it was Brock who broke into his lab and now has the symbiote, he sends mercenaries to retrieve him. This is when Brock realizes he has “superhuman abilities” as the symbiote takes over and transforms into a “monster” to fight off the mercenaries. After they get away and hide the “creature” introduces himself as Venom. Venom agrees to spare Brock’s life if Brock helps him achieve his goal. What Brock doesn’t know is that Venom’s goal is to take over the human race.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys Marvel movies, any kind of action movie, Spider-man fans, and anyone who appreciates villains. Although Spider-man is not in this movie there will be a connection with the two in the next upcoming movie with Venom.

The acting in the movie was very well done and Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock perfectly because in one of his older movies, Legend, he played two twin brothers who were very opposite. It’s kind of like that except with a human and an alien. Hardy also shows Brock’s sarcastic side very well, too.