The benefits of taking a foreign language


Lennon Miller

Beautifully lit word wall in Señora Wittie’s room.

Lennon Miller, Writer

Taking a foreign language class can be very beneficial to many students. Enrolling in a foreign language class opens up more possibilities in your future and enhances your knowledge.

Spanish instructors Señora Wittie and Señor Poleto explain how good it is to be exposed to other cultures and how most universities expect students to have taken at least two years of a foreign language in high school. They also touch on the benefits of taking a foreign language: “Bilingualism opens up the possibilities of communicating with more people in the world and it improves your cognitive abilities. It also improves scores for standardized testing and allows you to interact with and explore other cultures.” They noted that our school has many beneficial and engaging language classes  to take.

Guidance Counselor Dr. Spaid, illustrates, “Learning a different language and learning about different cultures helps a student to be more aware of diversity and appreciate differences in people.”

Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High school is currently offering Spanish and Cyber German. Dr. Spaid explains that you should look at your intended major to determine if you should dual enroll and see your requirements for that major. She also explained that there are several scholarships for foreign languages and students should also check scholarship websites for more.

Dr. Spaid concluded with, “Take classes that broaden your interests and knowledge of the world – whether that be foreign language or different social studies classes or tech classes – get outside your comfort zone. You may discover a talent you didn’t know you had!”

Junior Emily Shipley enjoys taking foreign language classes. Emily took German and Spanish and found them both very interesting and beneficial. She states, “I feel that learning foreign languages will be beneficial later in life.” She also enjoys being exposed to the new culture of both languages.

Overall, one can see that foreign languages offer many different benefits to students. They expose students to diversity and show off other cultures than our own. It is highly urged that students expose themselves to these cultures and participate in a foreign language.