Senior Pep Rally celebrates last regular home game of season

Taylor Martin getting pied in the face by Spencer Graham

Janessa Baez, Staff Writer

The seniors were all celebrated on the last pep rally of this year on October 26, 2018. Everyone from grades 7 through 12 came down to watch a video of the now seniors in grade 6 when they made their lip dub, and got ready to for the last home game of the season before districts.

The mothers of the seniors on the football team competed with each other to see who could get the most balls through blow-up donuts with their kids. There was even a competition with some students from each grade on guessing whose baby picture belonged to which senior.

Lastly, and before all the students gathered in a circle to sing the alma mater, the senior cheerleaders got pied in the face by whomever they chose for talking at some time throughout the day.