Student posters share the dangers of ‘juuling’

Madison Kipp, Staff Writer

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Students have hung posters all over the school in order to stop “juuling” inside of school and out of school. To stop this nonsense, students must understand that this is a horrible habit, and a Juul is a small device that could put teen students in great danger.

The danger behind the Juul is that one “pod” has the same nicotine as one whole pack of cigarettes. One pack of cigarettes is 20 in total. This amount of nicotine can force teens and adults to continue to use the Juul.

On it states, “The nicotine in inhaled tobacco smoke moves from the lungs into the bloodstream and up to a smoker’s brain within seven to 10 seconds. Once there, nicotine triggers a number of chemical reactions that create temporary feelings of pleasure for the smoker, but these sensations are short-lived, subsiding within minutes.” This is stating how an addiction to nicotine can form quickly, but also how it effects the brain.

According to the website, the addictive habit of juuling can have effects like stalling and disrupting growth, attention, memory, learning, and brain plasticity.