The Upcoming Year in the Spanish Honor Society

Spanish Honor Society crest/emblem

Spanish Honor Society crest/emblem

Cruz R. Wright, Staff Writer

The Spanish Honor Society is an honor society that is nationally recognized for students who excel in the Spanish language and culture. There are currently 37 students in the Clearfield Chapter of the Spanish Honor Society. The club is dually advised by Señora Wittie and Señor Poleto, but is also operated by elected officers from the student body.

The officers of the 2018-19 school year are: president Ryan Lazauskas, vice president Ellen Collins, senior secretary Emmalee Marshall, junior secretary Erika Frye, treasurer Alexandra Schultz, and planning and public relations Cruz Wright. The Spanish Honor Society officers will work on planning events within the district.

One of the most exciting events for the Honor Society is the induction ceremony that is projected to happen in late winter/early spring. Señora reports that she is anticipating an induction for a hopeful twenty-five to thirty students into the Spanish Honor Society this school year. The hopeful inductees are students with a grade of ninety or higher in Spanish 1 and 2 and a desire to continue learning the language in Spanish 3 and 4.

Another event that the students in the Spanish Honor Society will be embarking on this school year is an opportunity to educate younger students. The Honor Society will travel to the Clearfield Area Elementary School to teach a Spanish lesson to students in kindergarten through six. Both elementary students and secondary students show a positive response to such an event. Erika Frye, an inductee of the 2017-2018 school year, says that the opportunity to teach the children was an experience she wouldn’t forget. She also says that the visit is an important way to get the members to stretch their legs and dive into the language.

Students in the Honor Society are also provided with opportunities for continuing to include the language in their lives after high school. Most colleges are pleased to find that students have two or more years of language education and students may receive scholarships from the Spanish Honor Society Chapter at the Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School. Knowing a second language is a great foot to plant when applying for jobs throughout the market and can even increase earning potential, reports Señora. The Spanish Honor Society encourages the continuous learning of the language and hopes to see even more students come in contact with the club.