Is Greta Van Fleet’s album worth the wait?

Greta Van Fleet

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Brian Achmoody, Staff Writer

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Anthem of the Peaceful Army is the debut studio album following two EP’s by the American rock band Greta Van Fleet and was released on October 19 with 10 songs.


The first song on the album is “Age of Man.” I think the song is lyrically good and the instrumentation is good, but it is a bad opening song, it’s very slow paced, and the lyrics are very spread out across the song, and Josh Kiszka tries to add an emotional tone to this song but it falls hard, and it goes down to Josh Kiszka screaming the lyrics in this song.

This song could easily three or four minutes, but it is stretched out to just over six minutes long. This is the song that is supposed to set the tone of the album, if you want the album to be a little more slowly paced this song shouldn’t be the first song, it should be the last song on the album, because “Anthem” is a very slow paced song and it walks circles around this song.

Overall, “Age of Man” is the worst song on this album by far. Josh Kiszka sounds likes Robert Plant in this song way too much, but I don’t think Robert Plant could even make this song sound good. Overall 3/10. Duration: 6:06


The second song on the album is “The Cold Wind.” It’s a very good song it’s lyrically good but not great, but its instrumentation is great. I think the lyrics should be more rhythmic in the song because I don’t think the lyrics go with the song very well. Overall 8/10. Duration: 3:16


The third song on the album is “When the Curtain Falls.” It became a mega hit and appeared on video games such as NHL 19. It’s lyrically great and the instrumentation is great, and it sounds like Robert Plant, which is a nice touch. Overall 9/10. Duration: 3:42


The fourth song on the album is “Watching Over.” Its lyrics are good, its instrumentation is great, because the guitar is modified and changed to be like a sitar, which is very cool and unusually awesome. Overall 8/10. Duration 4:28


The fifth song on the album is “Lover, Leaver, (Taker, Believer). A live version was released on the day the album was released. It’s a fantastic song, the instrumentation is good, it’s lyrically great, the Robert Plant-esque vibe is still there but much lower than “When the Curtain Falls”, and the best of all its great live. The biggest gripe I have with bands is that they sound good in the studio, but they cannot back it up live. Overall 9/10. Duration: 6:01


The sixth song on the album is “You’re the One.” Overall this song is good. I think Josh Kiszka sounds very good on this track, and the instrumentation is very good as well. While “When the Curtain Falls” is the biggest hit off the album, “You’re the One” is the second biggest hit on the album. Overall 8/10. Duration: 4:25


The seventh song on the album is “The New Day.” I think the lyrics are very good, but it is not backed up well by the instrumentation. I don’t know why the instrumentation is bad to me, it just doesn’t fit me well. I would say that this is the worst song on the album besides “Age of Man” because, although the lyrics are good overall, the instrumentation is lackluster and Josh Kiszka’s voice doesn’t fit the song. Overall 5/10 Duration: 3:44


The eighth song on the album is “Mountain of the Sun.” I think the lyrics are phenomenal in this song, the instrumentation surprised me it was very different but very good, and overall I think that this is the best rhythmic song on the album. Overall 10/10 Duration: 4:30


The ninth song on the album is “Brave New World.” I like the lyrics behind this song and what Josh Kiszka puts into this song, but the instrumentation is only decent which lets the song down overall. Overall 8/10 Duration: 5:00


The tenth and final song on the album is “Anthem.” I personally think this is the best song on the album  because it’s a song everyone in the audience can participate in. This song is very peaceful, lyrically great, instrumentation is backed up by the chants of the people, and did I mention the lead singer Josh Kiszka sounds just like the late Janis Joplin in this song? Still, the Robert Plant vibe is layered perfectly into the song.

“Anthem” is very peaceful and very hippie like, asking for what everyone wants in the world: peace. This song, all around, is one of my top ten favorite songs of all time. Overall 10/10. Duration: 4:41

Overall Rating: 78/100

Greta Van Fleet                                                                 Role

Josh Kiszka                                                                          Lead Singer, Tambourine, Acoustic Guitar

Jake Kiszka                                                                          Guitar, Backing Vocals

Sam Kiszka                                                                          Guitar, Keyboards, Organ, Piano, Backing Vocals

Danny Wagner                                                                  Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals