Intro to Photography sharpens students’ skills


Justin Maines, Staff Writer

Whether you realize it or not, photography surrounds most students’ lives. A walk through the hallway or a glance in a study shows that many students spend their free time on their phones. Two of the most popular apps among young people are Instagram and Snapchat, both of which put photographs at the forefront. Photography has become popular with the rise of social media, and having a class to teach photography skills is very valuable.

Introduction to Photography is an elective course taught by Ms. Kuntz, meaning it is available to all students in grades nine through twelve. Intro to Photography focuses on teaching students the skills needed to take many different types of pictures. Along with learning about the proper way to take pictures, students are exposed to editing software such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Learning the basics of these programs helps students drastically improve the quality of their photographs.

Students believe this class is helping their photography skills immensely. Alyssa Twigg, a junior, wrote: “Intro to Photography has improved my photography skills tremendously. You learn the rules of photography and different elements that make your pictures a lot better.”

The new-found photography and editing skills are a great aspect of the course, but Intro to Photography gives students a platform to express their creativity. Twigg enjoys this part of the class particularly, stating: “Intro to Photography is a really fun class and really allows you to express yourself. Ms. Kuntz gives you a lot of freedom with your projects.” Students not only pick up valuable skills, but they are able to express themselves and have fun.

I am currently enrolled in Intro to Photography, and it is a course I would recommend to everyone. As a person who has never been skilled in drawing or painting, this course gives me an outlet to express my creativity and participate in the arts. I believe that everyone should take advantage of the many electives offered at school, and Intro to Photography is a great elective to choose!