Art students paint windows in downtown Clearfield

Taylor Chelgren, Staff Writer

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The Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School art department has been providing the streets of downtown Clearfield with more color and holiday cheer to start off the winter season by painting the town’s business windows with beautiful holiday scenes.

Every single window was different and completely created by the talented students that helped work on the project. The window painting occurred on November 14 and all the projects  were completed within one school day.

The businesses that were worked on include: Moena’s, Zalno’s Jewelers, Spanky’s Courthouse Café, The Progress, Thompson and Buck, Bob’s Army and Navy, Jim’s Sport’s Center, Henry and Co, Neeper’s Sweet Treats, Clearfield Municipal Authority, Clearfield Pharmacy, Grice’s Gun Shop, and Express Café.

Speaking with the students it was gathered that everyone was very excited to help with this project and the entire day was very enjoyable and fun. Many also said it was relaxing and a good distraction from school and the work that it usually entails.

As well as all the positive feedback from the students though, we see that the community also enjoys seeing students continue to get involved with the community every year and being able to see how talented the art department is and continues to be.