How mean should the Grinch really be?

Janessa Baez, Staff Writer

“The Grinch” is a classic family movie that was re-made this year as a cartoon. The movie is about someone who had very bad Christmas’s in the past and a hard childhood because he was an orphan, and as a result he has become very hateful toward the holiday and everyone who lives in Whoville. The only “friend” he has to keep him company on the top of a mountain is his dog Max who does whatever the Grinch says.

On Christmas Eve, the Grinch finds himself having to go to into town to get food for him and Max because he doesn’t have any more left. While he is in town he is confronted with Christmas music and annoying Who’s who won’t leave him alone. Because of his hate toward Christmas, he decides to steal Christmas.

This version of the movie is a lot more family oriented and has a lot of funny scenes that you don’t see in the original, such as him trying to find reindeer for his sled, but he ends up only finding one named Fred.

Although this movie was good I think the original is better because it portrays the Grinch as a lot meaner and filled with a lot more hatred, which I believe is how it should be because his heart is supposed to be two sizes too small. But I do recommend this movie especially to get into the Christmas spirit for anyone of any age, and I think that Benedict Cumberbatch portrayed the voice of the Grinch great, especially with a British accent.