Cookies for a Cause: Bake sale helps families in need


Lennon Miller

Cassie Hipps and Emma Powell help sell baked good for the Bake Sale.

Lennon Miller , Staff Writer

During December of 2018, the Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School had a bake sale that lasted two weeks. The bake sale littered the halls and classrooms with all sorts of different appetizing treats. The bake sale was hosted by the Helping Hands Club.

Mrs. Zimmerman, club advisor, stated, “This year, all proceeds from the Christmas Cookie bake sale went to the family of one of our 9th grade students who lost her home in a house fire in November.” Over 160 dozen cookies where sold, which totaled to about $1,000.

The bake sale has now been done two years in a row. Mrs. Zimmerman does not plan to keep annually hosting the fundraiser. The bake sale will only be held when there is a need to raise money for a family in need. The fundraiser’s baked goods where all thanks to volunteers such as students, teachers, parents, and staff members. Around 50 members of our school donated to this fundraiser. Some donating more than once through the entirety of the two weeks.

Mrs. Zimmerman concluded her interview by stating, “Thank you to everyone who made this fundraiser successful. This fundraiser would not have been possible without the volunteers who baked and donated cookies, the students and teachers who helped sell cookies each day, and those who purchased them. It is wonderful to see our school come together to help a local family. This was an excellent way to spread love and joy over the holiday season.”

Students all around the school expressed their joy for the bake sale. One student in particular, Katelynn Smith, stated, “The bake sale was splendid in the way that it was joyful to the students and staff, but also raised money for a good cause.” She added how nice it was to be able to purchase homemade cookies during the course of the school day.