Trevor Sones is exceptional dancer from small-town Clearfield

Trevor Sones headshot.

Taylor Trinidad, Staff Writer

When many people think of professional dancers and performers, they imagine people who have lived in Los Angeles all their lives or grew up in New York City, not people from a small town such as here in Clearfield. This isn’t true, as Clearfield has its own professional dancer—Trevor Sones. Trevor is a previous CHS student who now dances professionally across the country and the world.

Trevor began dancing at age 15 when he was a freshman at CHS. He only signed up for one type of dance—jazz—the first year and fell in love. The following year he then signed up for jazz, tap, ballet, and the competition team. Trevor says, “When I was in middle school, I would go to all the school dances and end up dancing with my friends in the center of the dance floor having no worries of what I looked like—I would just have fun! One day my best friend Alicia—who was studying dance at The Dance Company—told me that ‘I had to sign up for dance or she would stop being my friend.’ It was a strong statement, but I believed her and did it. Still to this day when I book work, I will tell her thank you!”

After graduating high school in 2006, Trevor attended college at Mercyhurst University studying dance to start his professional career as a dancer. In his career, he has traveled all over the United States and even the world. He has been to every state except for Alaska, and has been to Canada, Mexico, Eastern and Western Caribbean, The Mediterranean, Spain, Australia, Italy, France, and Germany.

Across the world, Trevor has had many jobs in his dance career. “As a professional dancer there are numerous job opportunities as long as you keep your mind open and never stop networking and educating yourself. I have had the opportunity to be a performer at theme parks, Broadway national tours, Royal Caribbean cruise lines, TV commercials, movies, and an international dance company. Additionally, I was the Associate Choreographer for Grease on Royal Caribbean and the audition choreographer/casting assistant for RWS Entertainment Group. Currently I am on faculty for a Dance convention traveling North America, a director/choreographer for RWS Entertainment Group, and a freelance as a guest teacher and choreographer.”

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Trevor for many years now, taking any class that he offers in the area and having dances choreographed by him for competitions.

Trevor says that throughout his dance career, there have been many friends, family, teachers, and mentors that have helped to get him to where he is today. “I believe that life is built by moments and every person I have had the opportunity to learn from and work with has had an impact on my life and career. To be from a small town like Clearfield and have so much hometown support is an awesome feeling. I will give two specific shout outs. First to The Dance Company in Clearfield, PA and Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA for giving me my training and education. Second to my parents and big brother. They have loved and supported me since the beginning! Much love to everyone who supports me and follows my journey!”

Along with the amazing support system, Trevor has of course had people to look up to along the way. “Who was my biggest inspiration is a very full question. I have to say Tauna Hunter, who was the Chair of the Mercyhurst Dance Department. She inspired me with her strength and independence. Tauna is a woman who can walk into a room and command it with no words. She exudes so much vibrant energy and expects you to focus, work, and sweat. Additionally, being surrounded by fellow collegiate dancers who have studied since they could walk gave me the drive and determination I needed to get to a professional level. It was at Mercyhurst that I spent countless hours in an empty studio practicing and learning who I was as an artist.”

Trevor says that his favorite thing about being a professional dancer is traveling the world to entertain audiences and teach young artists. “My heart is full with every opportunity I have been given. Being on stage with a thousand people in the audience is a rush that will never go away.” He also states that when a student of his understands a technical correction that allows them to improve continues to make him smile.

As I’m learning from wanting to start a career in performing arts, getting into the industry is hard. Trevor gives advice to anyone considering a career in the performing arts industry, stating, “Do your research – know the business. Educate yourself by taking classes, watching videos, reading articles, and asking questions when possible. Study every part of the business – dancing, singing, acting, sound, lights, etc. Networking is key. Be confident and talk to others in the business to build professional relationships. If you truly want to make it happen it is possible. There are a lot of no’s in the business but that does not mean you will not create a YES for yourself. Be passionate, work hard, and stay positive!’

Trevor Sones is an incredible dancer from our small hometown of Clearfield, Pennsylvania. His many successes can help us to learn that anything is possible if we put our hearts to it and work hard. Our lives can be bigger than we expect them to be if we truly believe it. “Growing up in Clearfield I had no idea what was truly possible. I absolutely loved my time at CHS but there is so much more. The world is big and there are endless possibilities and opportunities for you. Be confident with who you are and what you want. We are all in this together!”