CHS Show Choir season has started


The CHS show choir from last year performs at the Riverwalk.

Taylor Trinidad, Staff Writer

Each year, the CHS Music Department holds auditions for a select number of singers to join show choir. As show choir members, singers must learn a 30 minute show, singing small selections of many songs fitting into the theme and dances to go along with each one. They then perform this show for many nursing homes, the school, and a few community shows.

This year the show choir theme is Cinemagic and it features songs from many popular movies throughout the years. An example of a popular song that many people will recognize is “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid, ”What a Feeling” from Flashdance, and “Footloose” from Footloose.

This year, the show choir performers are Rylie Dillon, Elise DuFour, Shelby Flanagan, Katlyne Fye, Jordan Mallon, Emmalee Marshall, Lily Rosinsky, Anna Rowles, Lauren Sattesahn, Haeley Stott, Spencer Graham, Jace Kephart, Ryan Lazauskas, Ben Leighow, Austin McDanel, Philip Peters, Remington Shugarts, Cruz Wright, and Mason Yocum. The show choir is directed by Mr. Rothrock with choreographer Brandy Williams.

The show choir is putting in a lot of hard work this year to make their show amazing, so make sure you go out and support them at their open audience performances at CHS on May 19, the Riverwalk on June 1, and CAST on June 4.