Students attend Summit on the Mountain


Students attending Summit on the Mountain.

Lennon Miller, Staff Writer

Last March, Student Council and select students around the school were chosen to go to Lock Haven’s Summit on the Mountain hosted by Central Mountain High School at Lock Haven University main campus.

The Summit on the Mountain is a leadership conference for student leaders in the high school to discuss things that they can improve around their schools. The students from Clearfield who went were Brianna Shaw, Ally Hertlein, Luke Sidorick, Thad Butler, Lennon Miller, Erika Frye, Madilyn Domico, McLain Alt, Riley Paul-Cook, Alyssa Carlin, and Madison Wanamaker.

Schools in the local area were able to attend the Summit. Those schools were Sugar Valley, State High, Moshannon Valley, Curwensville, Clearfield, Bucktail,  and Central Mountain The students from each school are split into different groups where they learn different ways to improve their school such as Safety, School Sprit, Diversity, and many more.

Madilyn Domico, a student who attended the Summit, discussed her time at the event. She emphasized that she learned a lot from the Summit. She was able to talk to people from other schools and hear about the issues they are facing and what they are doing to fix these issues. She went on to discuss how although she was very nervous to be stuck with random people she did not know, she really enjoyed it. She found that every school is facing similar issues, but it is up to the student body to realize these issues and take a stand in order to make a difference.

Madilyn Domico concluded with stating “We were given advice on how to stand up for what you believe in and how to make change happen which I feel was the most beneficial thing I took away from the Summit.”

Another student, Erika Frye, also attended the conference. She expressed learning about issues surrounding diversity acceptance, school spirit, and vaping. She also learned that problems we have here at our school resonate everywhere. She noted that she very much enjoyed her time at the summit. It was nice to have important conversations with students from other schools about how to fix issues in our communities.

She also recommended the event to anyone who it is offered to. She concluded with, “I learned how to make people feel more included and how to stick up for things we want as a student body.”