A Year in The Stampede: 2018-19

For the writers of The Stampede, Journalism was more than an elective. From writing our first stories to completing our lasts, Journalism has given us the opportunity to become more involved with the world around us. In one school year, there were 216 students of the month, upwards of 15 sports teams, and an abundance of extracurricular clubs and activities, all within 180 days. As Staff Writers, we have written 8 stories per semester on the things we find most important to the student body. Our hard work is then displayed online where we create a digital profile of news stories.

As we conclude the 2018-19 school year, the staff of The Stampede is excited to present to you “A Year in The Stampede;” a collection of stories we believe most impacted you, our faithful audience. The Stampede’s staff is excited to see the Staff Writers who write next year’s editions and create a digital world full of reports on the most important happenings in the world around them.