Spanish Honor Society teaches Spanish to elementary school


Kids learn Spanish at the elementary school.

Lennon Miller, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, May 8, 2019 the Spanish Honor Society club went to the Clearfield Area Elementary School to teach Spanish to kindergarten to third grade. SHS travels to the elementary school yearly and teaches the grade levels there such things as colors, numbers, animals, and body parts in Spanish. Usually, German Honor Society also attends with Spanish Honor Society, but without an advisor they unfortunately could not attend.

Señora Wittie discussed the benefits of teaching students Spanish at the elementary school by explaining how exposing them to different languages when they are younger can manage to expand their minds. It can better help their brains process and develop. Señora Wittie added its also a great way to promote Spanish to younger kids. It provides an insight to what a Spanish class might look like in the future. It also causes the students to be shown a different culture and language. Teaching at the elementary school also manages to benefit the high school students by exposing them to teaching. If a student’s wants to pursue a career in teaching, it is highly beneficial if they attend the trip.

A student, Katelynn Smith, noted that she has been interested in going into the teaching field and enjoyed the experience of going to the elementary school. She explained how it introduced her to the teaching career and gave her a preview of what it would be like if she decided to teach. For example, Katelynn explained, “I have always thought about teaching high school, but after spending an afternoon teaching first grade, I think I might at least consider teaching elementary students.”

At the elementary school the students were taught many things. Around different holidays the children are taught different lessons at different times. They have taught cultural lessons on Easter and Christmas. They mainly learn numbers, colors, family members, animals, body parts, and classroom objects, according to Señora Wittie.