Elliot Thorp rocks MathCon

Elliot Thorp and Mrs. Bookhamer at MathCon in Chicago, Illinois.

Elliot Thorp and Mrs. Bookhamer at MathCon in Chicago, Illinois.

Lennon Miller, Staff Writer

What is Mathcon you may ask? MathCon is a nationwide math competition for grades 5-12. MathCon started in 2008 and its purpose is to promote STEM education. The next thing you may ask is how do you enter? According to Mrs. Bookhamer, a math teacher, the first step of entering MathCon is by taking an individual test online at the student’s school district. Mrs. Bookhamer noted that over 45,000 students compete in the first step alone, but only make one percent manage to make it the second round. The second round is held in Chicago, Illinois were only about 700 students compete.

A student who has shown great success at MathCon is Elliot Thorp. Elliot Thorp has managed to make it to round two every year that he has competed. Mrs. Bookhamer added that Elliot has managed to place in the top thirty every year. He managed to even exceed himself this year and place 27 out of 2,800 seniors who participated throughout the country.

Mrs. Bookhamer concluded saying, “I have been running this math competition since 2015. While Elliot has qualified for round 2 every year, I have also had other students qualify to go. My first year I took 3 boys to Chicago. The second year I took 2 boys. Last year I took a 6th grader who qualified. This year Elliot came to me early in the school year and took a practice test home to study. He worked very hard to qualify. We have had so many students come very close to qualifying. I welcome any and all students to do the same thing. If you love math and enjoy competition, come see me for a practice test! I would love to take more students to Chicago next year!”