Front and Centre has a summer show change


FAC Productions will show School of Rock this summer.

Katelynn Smith, Staff Writer

Community theater group Front and Centre rocks the stage this summer with a spectacular show!

Front and Centre is an arts group in Osceola that performs a summer musical every year. Originally, this year’s show was supposed to be Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. However, due to extenuating circumstances, there was a show change. Front and Centre will now be performing School of Rock.

Based on the movie starring Jack Black, School of Rock—The Musical tells the story of the struggling rock star Dewey Finn (Tristan Beauseigneur), who poses as a substitute teacher in a prestigious prep school. When he discovers that the students he is teaching have musical talents, he forms a rock group with them to compete in the Battle of the Bands.

Show dates are July 26-28 at 7:00 P.M. on Friday and Saturday and 2:00 P.M. on Sunday at the Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students.



Dewey Finn – Tristan Beauseigneur

Rosalie Mullins – Emily Sanker

Ned Schneebly – Mason Yocum

Patty – Lexi Hahn


Summer Hathaway (Manager)— Rashelle Greenawalt

Tomika – Vocals, Olivia Williams

Zack Mooneyham – Lead Guitar, Santana Maines

Freddie Hamilton – Drums, Nolan Hite

Katie – Bass Guitar, Emily Switala

Lauren – Keyboard, Megan Sodergren

Marcy – Backup Singer/Dancer, Grace Henry

Shonelle – Backup Singer/Dancer, Meredith Switala

Billy Sandford – Costume Design, Gavin Thomas

Sophie – Roadie, Lakyn Davenport

Macy Ward – Tech, Kai Thoma

James – Security, Mason Amos

Madison – Roadie, Hailey Dufour


Mrs. Sheinkopf – Katelynn Smith

Mr. Noble – Jared Domanick

Mr. Green – Austin McDanel

Gabe Brown – Giovanni Baumgarten

Mr. Sanders – Noah Webb

Ms. Gordon – Vanessa Harper

Ms. Bingham- Mickayla Kelly

Mr. Woodward – Lennon Miller

Mr. James – Cody Beauseigneur

Ms. Macapugay – Keera Walborn

Mr. Wagner – Dominik Barnyak


Mr. Mooneyham (Zack) – Cruz Wright

Mrs. Hathaway (Summer) – Kaitlyn Crandall

Mr. Williams (Tomika) – Austin McDanel

Mr. Spencer (Tomika) – Giovanni Baumgarten

Mr. Sandford (Billy) – Jared Domanick

Mrs. Travis (Katie) – Mickayla Kelly

Mrs. Hamilton (Freddie) – Lauren Eckberg

Mrs. Turner (Lauren) – Kylie Timko


Jeff Sanderson (Manager of Battle of the Bands), Cece Hite; Theo (No Vacancy), Noah Webb; Doug (No Vacancy), Cody Beauseigneur; Bob (No Vacancy), Dominik Barnyak; Snake (No Vacancy), Lennon Miller; Security Guard 1, Cameron Miscavish; Security Guard 2, Keera Walborn; Police Officer, Emmalynne Groth


Lillian Demchak, Avery Musser, Finn Bradley, Rowan Gearhart, Hannah Thomas, Madison Wooster, Kendra Smith, Evelynn Harmic, Anastasia Ricciotti, Brynn Phillips, Sequoyah Duprez, Connor Harper, Seth Green, Oliver Furrow, Abigail Saupp, Carly Robison, Emma Perks