New astronomy club unveiled by Mr. Barsody


Austin McDanel

Mr. Barsody is excited to share his love of astrophysics with the school

Austin McDanel, Staff Writer

Among the new clubs here at Clearfield, a prominent one is the new astronomy club led by Mr. Barsody in room 306.

The club is open to all 9-12th grade students. There are no requirements to be able to join.  The club will meet every  Monday during Activity Period and will take place solely in the physics classroom. There will be officers elected for the club to organize a fundraiser to raise money for a field trip.

Mr. Barsody chose to form this club because he has an interest in astrophysics and has noticed that some of the students here do as well. New and exciting discoveries in this field are happening frequently, so he wanted to share this educational opportunity for interested students and be a resource for additional questions and knowledge.

He says that he “wants students to see that there is so much out there beyond our everyday lives here on planet earth. The universe is a vast place that inspires curiosity and imagination. Also, that our current knowledge of what the universe is and how it works is far from complete, which may inspire some students later on to pursue a career in the field.”

His plans are to watch various documentaries about the universe, our solar system, and NASA missions with class discussions to follow.

The club motto for the astronomy club is, “To the Moon!!!”