Netflix film Tall Girl brings in a new take on self-love to screens

Macy Eamigh, Staff Writer

Directed by Nzingha Stewart and written by Sam Wolfson, “Tall Girl” is a romantic comedy about a teenage girl named Jodi who is 6`1. It was released on Sept. 13 of this year starring Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck, and Sabrina Carpenter.

The movie “Tall Girl” is about the struggles a girl named Jodi goes through during high school due to her being 6`1 at age 16. While dealing with her self-doubts, Jodi is determined to gain the attention of her crush, the new foreign exchange student. Jodi must learn how to embrace her insecurities despite the constant reminder of being different than everyone else around her.

“Tall Girl” shows an example that people often feel the need to change who they are in order to “fit in.” This movie tells us that everyone has their insecurities, big or small, that they must learn to accept. No one is the same and these differences are what make us unique.

This movie lacks a captivating plot, in that the ending of the movie is predictable and like other movies in the same genre. However, the actors are very convincing, which helps to make the movie look very realistic and easy to connect with emotionally.

I would recommend this movie to anyone that is looking for something that addresses issues on bullying, self-love, and relationships.