Newest addition to high school: STEM Lab


Christina McGinnis

The overview of the STEM Lab.

Christina McGinnis , Staff Writer

For this school year a STEM Lab has been added to allow for the students to explore the fields of STEM, Science Technology Engineering and Math. Mr. Brickley, assistant principal, says that this lab will allow students to create their own ideas and have fun while learning new skills.

The teacher is going to observe the students rather than instruct them daily. The high-tech audio/video production will be interesting to watch as the students develop the skills to use the system.  STEM will also allow the students to work both individually and together to be creative and use problem solving skills.

Mr. Brickley goes on to state: “One of the goals I have for STEM is to increase student interest in science, technology, engineering concepts, and math so they may consider pursuing post-secondary education in a STEM related field.” The students can use their own ideas and create ideas that appeal to them.

The lab teaches students that it’s okay to fail and allows them to use their problem-solving skills to fix the problem. This could also benefit the students in their other classes by enhancing their creativity and many other skills.

About 2.4 million STEM jobs are not filled this year due to lack of students in those majors. Mr. Brickley says that he encourages students to explore this field and this is just the beginning of something that could open more opportunities for the students in the future.

Mrs. Bethany Baughman will begin teaching Stem and the 7/8 technology classes in the school. She has received her master’s degree in STEM and began teaching on Sept. 23.