Mrs. Baughman is new STEM teacher

Laura Grady, Staff Writer

This year at Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School we have added a few new teachers to the faculty. One of the new teachers is a STEM lab teacher and a 7th grade technology teacher. Her name is Mrs. Baughman. To help the students gets a better idea of what she’s like she answered some interview questions.

Question: What made you want to become a STEM lab teacher? 

Mrs. Baughman: “Throughout this past year, I studied STEM education. I learned a lot about the STEM mindset and project-based learning.  From my learning, I developed a passion for STEM and project-based learning.”

Question: Have you been a STEM lab teacher before?

Mrs. Baughman: “Teaching STEM is a new experience for me. I dabbled with STEM activities in my first-grade classroom a few times throughout the school year.”

Question: What grades will you be teaching?

Mrs. Baughman: “I teach seventh and ninth grade students.”

Question: Did you teach at another school? If so, what schools?

Mrs. Baughman: “I taught at Clearfield Area Elementary school.”

Question: How long have you been teaching?

Mrs. Baughman: “I have been teaching for 16 years.”

Questions: What did you think of our school so far?

Mrs. Baughman: “This transition has been very positive for me. Teaching high school students is totally different than elementary. I am enjoying getting to know the staff and students here.  Everyone has been incredibly helpful and kind as I transition into this new setting.”

Question: Do you plan to teach STEM lab for your teaching career?

Mrs. Baughman: “Teaching STEM is not something I ever dreamed I would have an interest in.  I plan to continue to teach STEM.”

Question: If you could teach another subject what would it be?

Mrs. Baughman: “If I could teach another subject it would be Math.”

Question: What else would you like the readers to know?

Mrs. Baughman: “I am very excited to be here and to get the STEM lab up and running. I can’t wait to see students’ minds and projects develop.”