Former 7th and 8th grade teacher Mrs. Danver moves up to teaching 9th grade


Mrs. Danver

Prudence E. Corrigan, Staff Writer

Our former 7th and 8th grade English teacher Mrs. Danver has moved up to teaching 9th grade English 1. When asked if she would go back to teaching junior high Mrs. Danver said,” I really loved my content and colleagues in 7th and 8th, plus the eagerness of junior high students, but at this time, I do not think I would go back; I am enjoying the change.”

Asked if she enjoys teaching two subjects she said, “Teaching two different subjects is fine—I don’t mind it. However, I feel my strength is teaching writing, considering I minored in Rhetoric and Professional Writing at Clarion, and I was a supplemental instructor for a college writing course. I guess you could say my heart is with the writing, too. This year, though, I have fewer English courses and more literature courses, so it’s been an adjustment.”

Mrs. Danver is expecting her second child Demi. Asking how teaching as she is pregnant her given response was,”Ha!—maybe ask me this in a few more weeks! At this point, I have no complaints. However, I just entered my third trimester, which can be brutal for some women. As long as I can stay comfortable, I think I will be just fine.”

Knowing that this year counts towards graduation Mrs. Danver said,” I certainly do feel pressured, but not quite as much as I did with PSSA testing. I actually think I might miss the pressure and sense of purpose I felt with the lingering PSSA testing I’ve endured the last 4 years.’’Does she enjoys teaching some of the same students for a third year,” Yes, I definitely am enjoying it. It’s been nice to only have to learn about 10 new names this year. I am lucky to be working with a pretty great group of kids for a third year.”