The CAJHS art classes design scarecrows


One of the many, unique scarecrows made by the Basic Art and Craft Classes.

Emily Hanes, Staff Writer

The Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School Basic Art and Craft Classes taught by Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Kuntz have recently been designing their unique scarecrows for downtown. The students in both classes could work alone or work in pairs to complete this project in a two-three week time frame. The scarecrows will be on display in downtown Clearfield, starting from the annual fall festival and throughout Halloween.

“I think students like the creative freedom of this project the most. They are able to work with their friends and create a scarecrow based around (almost) any theme they choose. There is also a sense of pride attached to the project, as they know their finished pieces will be on display for the public to admire,” said Mrs. Adams.

“Making scarecrows for art allow you to express your inner creativity and gives you an opportunity to display your art work to the public at the downtown autumn festival in Clearfield,” said Raegan Mikesell.

This project has been an annual thing for the past few years. Mrs. Adams says that the students enjoy the “creative freedom” this project has to offer. Make sure to visit downtown to see these unique scarecrows on display.