Four captains lead Bison football squad


2019 Senior, Quentin Bloom.

Jessica Griffith, Staff writer

The Clearfield Bison Football team has a strong season so far this year. The team captains, Quentin Bloom, Ian Heitsenrether, Allen Myers, Brett Zattoni have brought the Bison team team into this winning season.

2019 Senior Quentin Bloom.

Quentin Bloom, a well-known senior at Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School, is left guard and nose guard on the team. Bloom started playing football when he was in forth grade. Football has been apart of his life since he could remember in and out of football. Bloom shares, “I feel like I lead the team even though I am not the most vocal, I try to lead the team with actions.” He also states, “I feel nervous sometimes because I try to do the right think but I don’t know if I always do.” This is how Bloom feels knowing that his team and classmates look up to him.

2019 Senior Ian Heitsenrether.

Ian Hitsenrether, also a senior at Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School, plays offensive tackle/defensive end. He started playing football when he was in fifth grade. Football effects Hitstenrether’s everyday life by giving him something to do to keep “him out of trouble” as he says. It has also given him the valuable skills that reflect in and out of the classroom. For example, respect, paying attention, and having a good positive attitude. Hitstenrether states, “I feel that I’m suitable to be a team captain cause I’m always there to help my teammates any time they need it as well to lead them throughout the season and teach them about the program. I do believe I am a good team captain because I feel that I am able to lead the team through any situation that we go through and pick up teammates when they’re down and hype the team up during pregame.” People on the team and in the school look up to Heitsenrether. He feels it’s a privilege that he can be a role model to his peers.

2019 Senior Allen Myers.

Allen Myers, a senior at Clearfield Junior-Senior High School, is a center on the Bison Football team, he has been playing since he was in third grade. Football makes him work harder and stay committed to everyday things. Myers feels that he is fit to be a team caption because he has worked hard to be where he is at today, he leads others and helps players and classmates as best as he can. Knowing that his peers look up to him he feels good to know that they look up to them; however, he feels that it can be scary that his peers are relying on him.

2019 Senior Brett Zattoni.

Brett Zattoni, a senior at Clearfield Junior-Senior High School, as well plays running back and linebacker on the Bison team. He has been playing football since he was in third grade. Playing football has taught him how to work with people and has helped him become a better team leader. Zattoni does everything he can to sure everyone is ready to play and win no matter what kind of day he is having. He feels that he is fit to be a leader on the Clearfield football team, but he also says that there is always room for improvement. Zattoni states, “It feels great knowing that people look up to me not just on the team but in my classes. I always make sure I’m making the right choices so I can set an example for others.