Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School welcomes a new librarian,


Macy Eamigh

Left: Mr.Way, Right: Emily Owens

Emily Owens, Staff Writer

With a new year at the Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High school, a new librarian begins working at the library. Mr. Way discusses details on the changes in the library this year.
Q: How is being a librarian different from being a tech ed teacher?
Mr. Way: “There is a lot more responsibilities and clerical work.”

Q: Do you like being a librarian or a tech ed teacher better?
Mr.  Way: “I am pleased with the change but I like both.”

Q. What different library rules are there?
Mr. Way: “No major changes.”

Q. When do you plan on retiring?
Mr. Way: “ Never!”

Q. Are there any new librarians this year?
Mr. Way: “Mrs. Warlow and Mrs. Woolridge.”

Q. What if someone doesn’t return a book on time?
Mr. Way: “Leads to a nickel a day and you can still sing away fines.”

Q. When are you available to help students?
Mr. Way: “All the time.”

Q. What else would you like our readers to know?
Mr. Way: “We have a really great library that more people should take advantage of. Juniors and seniors should sign up for the ASVABS.”